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Revolutionizing Language Learning at East Kingston Elementary School

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East Kingston Elementary School is undergoing a language education transformation. Faced with budget constraints and the challenge of meeting students’ diverse language interests, the school turned to Transparent Language Online (TLO), the leading language learning platform used by school, public and academic libraries worldwide.

TLO offers a range of 120 languages and 35 ESL courses, covering reading, writing, listening, and speaking – a comprehensive approach not found in other platforms. This unique feature made it the perfect solution for East Kingston Elementary, where students showed interest in less commonly taught languages like Vietnamese, posing a challenge in finding local instructors.

With TLO’s Connect program, East Kingston piloted an online language-learning initiative that combined live instruction with self-guided study. Students engaged with languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese, reflecting their diverse interests and goals, from family heritage to future travel aspirations.

The results of the pilot program have been outstanding. Students have shown increased enthusiasm for language learning, entering the language lab excited to interact with Transparent Connect instructors. The flipped classroom approach, where students complete self-guided activities before live sessions, has proved to be a fun and engaging way to boost confidence and preparedness, leading to more effective communication in the target language.

Second language instruction extends beyond mere linguistic proficiency. It helps communication among students from diverse backgrounds, fostering friendships and the exchange of ideas, facilitating collaboration and mutual learning. This cultural understanding enables students to appreciate their peers’ backgrounds and fosters a sense of inclusivity and respect within the school community.

The success of TLO at East Kingston Elementary School shows the power of innovative language learning solutions in inspiring students, fostering engagement, and preparing them for a diverse and interconnected world.

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