DCA aims to help libraries become more successful by growing
usage, attracting new cardholders and ensuring the library’s visibility and contribution to a blended learning experience.

We can achieve this by offering compelling content, effective online learning
for users and staff, and tools to engage the library with all stakeholders.


DCA partners include leading content and service providers


Selected library, sector and channel partners.


DCA was established in London in 2010 to serve international libraries. We have long experience of working as trusted partners of leading vendors and both public and academic libraries worldwide.

We handpick our partners to bring the most compelling services to the UK’s library markets, adding value with discoverability, training, interactivity and meaningful customer engagement.

Library E-resources and services

DCA offers resources that

  • attract, engage and drive usage and visits to public libraries.
  • work within your library’s budget
  • embed the academic library in the teaching and learning process in a meaningful way
  • add diversity to your existing collection with videos, ebooks, and databases.

Library Marketing and SEO

DCA can get your library thousands of pounds worth of FREE online advertising from Google to help increase visibility of your library’s services, content, news and events.

Training and tutorials

DCA helps your library promote existing e-resources through our essential staff training and online tutorial partners. Measuring student learning outcomes connects the library to faculty, and customised training can deliver essential skills to support students and the public.

Special Projects

DCA offers library vendors and content providers market research and content development services.


Supporting libraries with effective online learning for users and staff, Niche Academy provides tutorials and learning tools that help deliver better experiences for all users.

With ready-to-use customisable tutorials, or by creating your own tutorials, you can help your library’s customers become more aware of the available eBook/eMagazine/eNewspaper resources, language learning tools, video content and research databases, as well as events happening at the library simply by linking your selected tutorials to your institution’s webpages, LMS and catalogue.

Niche’s easy-to-configure training helps integrate the  library into the teaching process to provide blended and engaging learning experiences.

By developing your own unique and custom-branded academy, you can also offer essential staff training for onboarding new employees, associates and volunteers, as well as provide continuous professional development.

Academy Demo

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Enjoy the world’s leading opera, ballet performances and classical and jazz music on MEDICI.TV.
A Netflix for classical and jazz music which includes access to more than 150 live events each year, from the world’s most prestigious venues and festivals.
Watch over 3,500 musical works filmed from the 1940’s through to the present day and 2,000 films including concerts, documentaries, operas, ballets and masterclasses in HD
Medici’s streamed video content is available in English and French on all devices across iOs and Android platforms, with a range of authentication options for public libraries.

View our social media promotion resources for Medici here.

Access Video On Demand offers libraries unlimited access to a unique collection of thousands of high-quality and informative videos. AVOD offers over 40,000 titles from 1,200 international producers, including BBC Learning, National Geographic, CNBC,  Open University and many more. Allied Health and Nursing collections provide easy-to-follow video training in all aspects of essential care for health students in Further Education and on-going professional support for health practitioners.

Just for Kids provides ad-free, unlimited access to thousands of videos, songs, audio titles and interactive activities to engage and entertain children. Public performance rights are also included, making this streaming collection ideal for storytelling hour, preschool activities and homework help resources in your library.

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Founded in 1940, Infobase offers libraries a powerful suite of dynamic online reference and learning tools for both children and adults, including databases, streaming video services, e-learning modules, career development resources and entertainment.

Infobase Learning Cloud is an on-demand learning platform for professional development, training, and information literacy. Self-paced, customizable modules allow libraries to tailor their reference and learning support to the needs of their service populations.

Bloom’s Literature database is rich with relevant content about classic literary works, ranging from scholarly criticism to 1000 full-text classics and over 800 full-length videos of classic plays and films. Bloom’s empowers users to explore their favourite classic texts more deeply, including character and theme analysis, critical essays and discussion of history and context. The collection contains over 9000 images as well as author interviews, profiles and podcasts.

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DCA has been appointed as the Financial Times’ exclusive public library partner to make ft.com available to public libraries for the first time. This new offer gives libraries worldwide  the opportunity to serve users with premium business and financial content – and much more.

Ft.com provides a vast reserve of journalism and data of the highest quality going back to 2005: a trusted, independent guide to a complex and fragmented world; essential for the ambitious, the curious and the champion of better business.

The FT wants to broaden its audience, attracting readers from more diverse groups and empowering students, small business owners and entrepreneurs with trusted opinion and data.

Credo Complete is the indexed bookshelf you always wanted; where you can read, link or search across a vast range of individual titles or topics. Including exceptional reference works from the world’s leading publishers, Credo brings together both the best citable reference content and Credo technology that creates pathways to your library’s own e-resource content.

Credo contains more than 1200 full-text reference e-books and over 1000 videos across almost 50 subject areas with content updated monthly.  Trusted publishers working with Credo include OUP, Collins, Britannica, Chambers, CUP, Penguin, Houghton Mifflin, Dorling Kindersley, Elsevier and many more.

The platform uniquely features a dynamic mind-map to direct the user’s search, as well as customizable bookshelf, federated searching and sharing tools.

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Rock’s Backpages is the world’s largest database of music journalism online, featuring over 45,000 articles on thousands of artists from the Beatles in 1962 to Taylor Swift in 2020. Launched in the fall of 2001, it has been praised by Library Journal as “an essential acquisition for large public and academic libraries”.

The articles are full text, primary-source and fully searchable by artist, date, genre, publication and key word. They are taken from the widest possible range of publications in the US and UK: from Creem and Rolling Stone to NME and MOJO.

Rock’s Backpages also features a library of over 750 audio interviews, including classic conversations with…

Jimi Hendrix (1970) Marvin Gaye (1976) Kate Bush (1980)
Bob Dylan (1991) Kurt Cobain (1993) Mary J. Blige (2005)
Joni Mitchell (1994) Fleetwood Mac (1977) Sex Pistols (1977)
Freddie Mercury (1976) Johnny Cash (1996) The Eagles (1977)
Patti Smith (1976) Pink Floyd (1971) David Bowie (1995)
Bob Marley (1975) Donna Summer (1976)

Over 50 new text articles and one audio interview are added to the library every week, and most content is exclusive to Rock’s.

Rock’s Backpages offers:  unlimited access, a range of authentication options, co-branding with a library logo, counter-compliant usage statistics and an opt-in weekly email.

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KOIOS Increase visibility of your libraries services, content, news and events with free online advertising from Google.
Koios Google Ads product, helps librarians support and engage with their communities by making them appear first in a Google search result.
Koios help public libraries apply for Google Ad Grants, a free program that gives nonprofits up to £7,500 month worth of free advertising credit to use on specific campaigns based on your libraries priorities.


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