DCA are library-focused people dedicated to promoting e-resources that increase usage of library content and services. 

Full-stop, capital U on Usage. It’s that simple. We care about usage and we can help your library win more new users and get more usage from existing cardholders. Ever felt frustrated that Google searchers are directed to websites other than yours, even though your library can provide what they want for free? Or do you see the need for staff training but find that your current training options are either unavailable or ineffective?


You know that staff are key to promoting e-resources, so here’s a great new way of getting the results you want. Our partner, Niche Academy, leads the way in library courses with tutorials that embed in the library’s website, supported by a staff-learning tracker system that operates behind the scenes to ensure all staff feel confident supporting their users while also upgrading essential skills.  The platform is used by hundreds of leading US libraries.  


Your library’s resources will not get usage as long as your customers are unaware that they exist. Raising awareness among your community and improving local discoverability of your resources and events is critical to your library’s success. And Google is a great place to start doing that.

Your library can show up locally as number one in Google searches for very little investment.

Libraries can get up to £7,500 a month worth of free online advertising from Google. This advertising will increase visibility of your services, content and events, which can drive usage. It is geographically targeted and the best way we have found to bring new users to the library. The Google ad grant programme is available to any library that is incorporated as a non-profit or has an affiliated non-profit entity. Read more about how our partner Koios can help.


We have that too: Medici.tv for music and the arts, childrens’ award-winning edutainment, childrens’ ebooks and Arabic interactive reading. Demos and trials are available for everything we have; visit our Partners page to explore further.


Because we’ve worked with libraries worldwide for years and have some expertise in the sector.  Like you, we are passionate about libraries and increasing their influence and impact in the community. Talk to us about how we can help: question us, test us, explore our partners’ sites and make the most of our free trials.

We look forward to helping you grow your library and reach more users.