An inclusive way to support language learning, bilingualism and multicultural education

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School libraries in the US and worldwide are discovering a powerful new resource for enhancing language skills and promoting cultural awareness. The new LOTE4Kids service (it means ‘Languages other than English’) offers 3,000 primary school level picture books in 62 languages. The books come with read-along audio on an unlimited use model. The interface can be delivered in different languages and both US and UK English are available.

LOTE4Kids is designed to be a supplementary tool for language acquisition, literacy development, and multicultural education. It provides age-appropriate content across different educational stages, catering to learners’ diverse needs and preferences:

  • Interactive flipbooks with audio are perfect for auditory learners and help students improve their pronunciation and listening skills. 
  • Read-along highlight books benefit visual learners by drawing attention to text as it’s read aloud, which can enhance word recognition and reading fluency. 
  • Bilingual book formats support dual-language learning, allowing students to toggle between languages and build their skills in both their native and target languages.

With books in 62 languages, LOTE4Kids serves as a cultural bridge, introducing young learners to a wealth of global perspectives. This exposure to diverse cultures fosters empathy, understanding, and respect for people from different backgrounds.

Lote4Kids is growing fast, with over 80 new picture books added each month. This constant infusion of new content keeps the platform dynamic and relevant, providing fresh material for ongoing language study and cultural exploration. 

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