Three Ways to library success with Niche Academy

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Niche Academy helps you create elegant online tutorial experiences, making things easier for both instructors and learners.

Engaging users and supporting children’s learning

Lancashire library needed to reach users during lockdowns; they created custom quizzes which were a huge hit with both children and adults, driving users to interact with the library’s other resources.

The library used Niche to create a suite of homeschooling resources, storytimes and support material for their digital inclusion project.  

“Our public academy has been invaluable for our Library at Home service.”

Training staff and volunteers

Hertfordshire Libraries’ Community Services team were able to employ their Niche Academy to make training and information for volunteers returning to community libraries more accessible and streamlined, at a challenging time when staff couldn’t do face to face training. 

“Niche saved the day and definitely helped to speed up the process of re-opening our volunteer libraries this year. I genuinely don’t know how we would have managed without it.”

Niche offers libraries multiple academies to serve different user groups, which both Lancashire and Hertfordshire took advantage of with academies for staff, public, students, volunteers, local authority teams and more.  

Improving discovery and loans

Niche Academy provides several different ways of connecting library users to e-resources and their tutorials. Westminster opted for an eye-catching carousel on their homepage, showing users the wide range of e-resources and tutorials available to them.

If you want to learn more about how Niche can support your library’s success, get in touch for a free trial.

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