The Financial Times has been one of the world’s leading business intelligence providers and most trusted news organisations for over 130 years, holding true to values of integrity, authority and accuracy, and reporting without fear or favour across the globe. was created in 2005 and is now bringing premium quality news and analysis to public library users for the first time. provides a trusted, independent guide to a fragmented world; an essential read for the ambitious, the curious and the champions of better business. will help your library support students, small businesses, and the general reader with full access to:

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  • In-depth data and analysis on trade, emerging markets, M&A, investing and more

  • Life & Arts section and content. From book reviews to travel and style features, there is something to suit all tastes.

  • FT Weekend: Powerful photography, evocative in-depth reporting and weekly columns on sport, food, wine and more.

  • All content going back to 2005

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