Niche’s  invitation to provide their tutorials and training tools free of charge for any UK library has proved to be a hit with librarians, with some major library systems already subscribing in full to the service. Niche has now extended their offer of free setup and a month’s subscription to your own branded academy until the end of the library lockdown. The offer includes:

  1. A library-specific staff training environment with access to the full Niche catalogue of ready-to-use tutorials
  2. Electronic resource promotion embedded within your own website.

Libraries who use these free services are welcome to subscribe to Niche Academy after the end of the free month, but are under no obligation to do so.
To take advantage of this service simply request an afternoon set-up time for your library on our calendar tool here: or contact

Niche Academy provides custom training videos and tutorials for both library staff and users on your website under your brand. Embedded in-house training modules cover the most common e-content platforms. Plus subscribers get free access to hundreds of staff training videos created by leading libraries in the US and beyond. Niche Academy supports users and staff, increases usage of e-resources and promotes information literacy. For a quick intro to Niche Academy please see the one minute video here.