Niche Academy is a tool that allows your  library to help improve teaching and learning experiences and support student success.

As teaching and technologies converge, academic librarians are looking for tools that help them engage with students and faculty and contribute to the blended learning experience. Delivering the right content at the right time enables the library to become embedded in the teaching and learning process in a meaningful way. 

Niche’s easy-to-configure training helps integrate the library into the teaching process to provide engaging learning experiences. Niche embeds seamlessly into your website, helping to grow usage and discoverability, and enabling your library to deliver the right content at the right time. 

Librarians can use Niche’s LTI functionality to link to course content and tools provided by third-party systems, without requiring a learner to log in separately. Interactive elements let you measure and report learning outcomes, not just usage, and also provide meaningful individual feedback to learners and faculty. 

Niche empowers librarians to support the transition to online learning,  driving student engagement and success.

  • Improves library outreach to students and faculty
  • Integrates with VLEs and your library collections and services.
  • Making better use of static collections

What do academic libraries want?

Academic librarians are looking to:

  • Save time on creating database introductions and videos
  • Spend more time working with students
  • Measure and demonstrate their libraries’ direct contribution to student success
  • Deliver more effective library instruction 

Niche Academy Blog: Ask an Expert: Unpacking Information Literacy with Laura Saunders

Welcome to Niche Academy’s Ask an Expert series. At Niche Academy, we’re people-focused. So in these interviews, we connect you with leaders in the field to take a deep dive into important topics and trends. In this interview, we talk with Professor Laura Saunders from Simmons University School of Library and Information Science about how teaching librarians can advance information literacy. 

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