is a brilliant new music video service for libraries that allows you to offer your customers thousands of high-quality videos of great performances of classical and jazz music, opera, and ballet. It’s also highly promotable with dramatic and appealing content including the world’s very best performers. Best of all, Medici offers a regular programme of free live events that users can share at home and ultimately in the library.

Medici provide library marketing assets here and DCA have also created some focused social media templates to help with your marketing.

Click on a file below to open a word document containing a social media template with image and text, ready to copy into your own social media channel or library email. We will add new content here every month, especially for the 100+ free live events which Medici offers each year, so do keep checking this page.

The file ‘ Medici for children’ contains links to Medici’s playlists and other ideas for inspiring young people to engage with classical music, ballet and opera. Please contact us with other specific requests you have for listings or help in marketing your Medici subscription.

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19/08/2021 Murder at the Symphony 452.93 KB PNG
19/08/2021 Galaxymphony - Music from Sci-Fi Cinema 630.36 KB PNG
19/08/2021 Duke Ellington and Orchestra 1973 388.43 KB PNG
05/07/2021 Medici for Children 13.90 KB DOCX
02/07/2021 Live Ballet 211.20 KB DOCX
02/07/2021 Live Music 182.07 KB DOCX
02/07/2021 Live Performances 261.11 KB DOCX
02/07/2021 At-Home Opera Etiquette 90.49 KB DOCX
02/07/2021 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 173.40 KB DOCX
02/07/2021 Did You Know? Darcey Bussell 169.26 KB DOCX
02/07/2021 Did You Know? London Symphony Orchestra 113.81 KB DOCX
02/07/2021 Did You Know? Bach and Handel 225.56 KB DOCX
02/07/2021 Classical Music 68.32 KB DOCX