Danish Digital Library

The right content drives usage in Danish libraries

The Danish Digital Library (DDL) was established in 2012 to improve Danish public libraries’ ability for sharing electronic media, including e-books and other e-content.

DDL is a collaboration between Local Government Denmark (LGDK) and The Ministry of Culture. All of Denmark's 98 municipalities can participate. DDL's objectives are to make Denmark's collective digital public library services stronger, more visible and more efficient.

"RBdigital's e-magazine service has been one of our most successful installations and has driven some high usage among our member libraries", says Dorte Thuesen, Chief Buyer at DDL. "We've been able to work with DCA and RBdigital on a number of promotion initiatives to help raise awareness to the availability of the magazines. Today circulations have grown steadily to over 10 times what they were in 2013 when we launched the service. Our users love the interface and the fact that they can download their favourite titles to their devices and read them on the beach on holiday! Now RBdigital is adding Danish language titles, we are seeing usage climb further to the point where we are averaging over 15,000 circulations per month. We have recently subscribed to RBdigital's Comics Plus service featuring 18,000 comic titles and are now putting together a promotion programme for that."

Barney Allan said; "The DDL story is a great example of successful digital library provision. They have an operational model that works and understand the value of promoting high-interest content such as RBdigital magazines. The way they have been able to drive usage of our services has been particularly impressive."