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DCA believes in the power of libraries.

DCA is a London-based public library services and content company. We are dedicated marketers and publishing professionals, helping libraries grow their user base and engage with users to raise awareness of what their library offers.  Our mission is to drive traffic to libraries by applying effective marketing and training techniques and supplying content that users want.


Our Manifesto: Users are Everything.

We are non-librarian, apolitical public library lovers and advocates with a declared interest in digital content, marketing and training. We work with some leading providers in these areas. We are mostly obsessed with driving increased usage of libraries and their collections.

After several years of working with major public library systems on digital content, we have learnt the following:

  1. Public Library usage is declining and with it funding.
  2. People mostly don’t know about the wonderful content that libraries now have online.
  3. Even if they know about, it can be hard for them to get to it.
  4. Libraries need to train both staff and users to get the most out of their digital collections.
  5. Libraries need support in marketing and driving users to the library website is the best place to start.
  6. Quality content drives usage fast, dull content doesn’t.

The decline in library usage is only inexorable if we do nothing about it. We  believe we can help here. Drop us a line or give us a call today.

The Social Echo

Driving usage of e-content creates a cascade effect for usage of other library services. Once new users are on the site, they can be offered physical loans, events and other services. This is the social echo, a virtuous circle supporting literacy and education, improving access to health and employment options, and promoting both digital and social inclusion.


Kids content that works

Engaging young people with your library site encourages reading and literacy, and creates the library supporters of the future. DCA offers compelling multimedia children's e-content that kids will love and learn from

BOOKI hopster Highlights Library


Marketing and Training

Niche Academy

What if your library website taught patrons how to use your electronic resources?

Niche Academy recognise that growing staff and customer confidence through training is critical to increasing usage.

Niche can help you train users and staff on the leading digital content platforms with embedded videos and own-brand training modules for your team.

Niche Academy


Digital marketing drives usage. Promoting libraries’ e-content is a fast, cheap, measurable, and scalable way to promote the broader library offer. With a few of the right moves, libraries can increase public awareness, grow usage and attract new cardholders.

Koios helps you raise awareness, increase usage and change perceptions by helping the library show up in local Google search results. Businesses pay  millions each year for this service, but eligible public libraries receive free advertising credit from Google. 





The leading video resource in classical music, opera and dance, Medici offers over 3,500 musical works filmed from the 1940’s through to the present day and 2,000 films including concert, documentaries,operas, ballets and master classes in High Definition.

Over 100 live events are streamed every year from the most prestigious concert halls and classical music festivals, available in replay for 3 months.