Koios are offering their services to your library at NO COST for two months!

…and don’t forget that Google Ad Grants are now available to any local authority-funded libraries that apply via a non-profit affiliate *

Koios are offering a free 60-day trial to any library interested to see results for themselves. The trial includes applying for your Google Ad Grant as well as then managing it for you. And if you aren’t happy by the end of the 60 days, then you can simply walk away with the Google Ad Grant in hand.

email: barney@digitalcontentassociates.com now to find out more.

Koios is the only authorised Google Ad Grant agent specialising in libraries.

Ad Grant specialist and Google partner, Koios.co can turn a library’s entire catalogue into a Google Ad, meaning that a searcher’s local library comes up first or second in individual title searches within their locality. Making libraries show up as number one on searches can have a dramatic effect on discoverability and usage. US libraries using the Ad Grants report sharp increases in visits and new users.

Even non-trust libraries can apply for a Google Ad Grant which is worth up to £99,000 a year in free Google ads. Community Libraries, ‘friends of’ supporters’ groups, library organizations, other charities, and indeed any non-profit entity connected with books, libraries, literacy or education can be used as a springboard to an Ad Grant and all the benefits that this brings.

Learn more about how the Google Ad Grant works by listening to the Koios webinar that was broadcast live this month and concluded with some excellent questions from UK public librarians.

Trey Gordner of Google Ad Grant Professionals Kois.co, said: ‘ In the US we have been successful in applying for Google Ad Grants via non-profit affiliates on behalf of major state and city library systems.  The grant can make a tremendous difference by raising awareness, increasing usage and changing perceptions of the great things that libraries do. We look forward to working with libraries in the UK and beyond to help promote the fantastic work that libraries do to support communities – especially at a challenge time like this.”

Barney Allan of DCA said: “It’s great news that non-trust libraries can apply and qualify for the grant as this offers them a new powerful tool for discoverability and marketing that was previously denied to them. SEM via Ad Grants can quickly boost a library’s ranking on Google in a way SEO, which is more expensive anyway, never can. The fact that non-trusts can apply should be a real game changer for usage… Public Libraries have been a Cinderella sector for too long. Now the power of Google Ads brings libraries a unique chance to promote their services like never before.”

*Librarians are advised to check this list from the Charity Commission of library-supporting charities on the charities commission site – over 400 of them in England and Wales.  Here is a similar link for searching Scottish charities, where we found nearly 300 charities listed as having an interest in or connection to libraries and here is a similar link for Northern Ireland. If you don’t find a relevant charity in your area, you can set one up or convert an existing ‘friends of’ group. There is also potential for working with Library focused membership organisations such as SLIC, NAG or Libraries Connected, all of which are non-profits.